Air Oxygen Blender

  • Air-Oxygen Blender

    The air-oxygen blender is a device used by medical personnel to control the concentration and flow of oxygen for the rescue of patients with hypoxic problems while avoiding the side effects of pure oxygen inhalation.

    Product Detail

    air-oxygen blender is equipped with double cone shape proportion valve and 2 level self-balance pressure stabilize the device, ensure the constant concentration of the output mixed air-oxygen. The adjustment of oxygen concentration and the flow quantity will not affect each other, because they are separated. Alarming system of differential pressure is equipped, on the occasion of alarming, the safety valve starts automatically, and produce the mixed gas continuously to ensure the safety of the patients.

    Scope of application: Premature infants, newborns, infants, and mothers have good clinical effects on children with fetal fluid inhalation, acute pneumonia, pulmonary hemorrhage and hypoxemia, which can avoid the sequelae caused by traditional treatment of respiratory pure oxygen.


    i. Safe, accurate and stable, especially for newborns and premature infants, providing safe and reliable oxygen
    ii. Flow: 0 LPM-1.0 LPM, 0 LPM-10 LPM, 0 LPM-18 LPM
    iii. Oxygen concentration adjustment: 21% to 100%; Accuracy: <±5%
    iv. Pressure difference: when it is over 0.1MPa, alarm goes off
    v. Input gas pressure: 0.3MPa~0.4MPa

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