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  • Host Machine

    The host machine of the nurse call system is part of the nurse call system and has two-way calling and intercom functions.

    Product Detail

    The host machine can display the call of multiple extensions, and memory to keep; whether the host machine is on standby, call, or broadcast state, the extension can be normal call. It can be used with cordless phones or connected to a computer. When the extension calls the host machine, the host machine has flashing LED, music sound prompts, and voice announcements.


    i. Size:31*21*5.5cm ii. Two-way calling and intercom function
    iii. Intensive care priority, multilevel volume adjustment, hand-free intercom
    iv. Call storage: when the extension calls and the host does not answer, the host automatically stores the extension number
    v. Broadcasting function: The mainframe has an audio input port, which can broadcast and preach to all extensions at the same time vi. The host machine can call some extensions and intercom at the same time
    vii. Alarm prompt: the host has an alarm output port, can be connected to the alarm flashing light

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