Nurse Call Extension

  • Nurse Call Extension

    Nurse call extension is part of the nurse calling system. It is in fixed connection with extensions, with the main function of calling, indicating, resetting.

    Product Detail

    Nurse call extension uses online coding, can be set arbitrarily extension number, generally installed in the hospital above each bed; The extension and host machine only a two-core bus, and the farthest communication distance between the extension and the host machine up to 1,000 meters.


    i. Installation method: wall-mounted or surface-mounted type
    ii. Changing numbers online
    iii. With extension cords
    iv. Metal wiredrawing panel
    iv. Bed extension can call nursing host and intercom
    iv. Equipped with a call handle, when the extension calls the host machine, the host machine voice broadcasts the extension number
    iv. In case of emergency, the emergency button can be used to alarm the host directly
    iv. Broadcast quality, realistic and clear sound playback
    iv. Can be used with cordless phones or connected to computer, optional ring music

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