High Pressure Oxygen Booster Compressor

  • High Pressure Oxygen

    High pressure oxygen booster compressor is used to pressurize and deliver oxygen.

    Product Detail

    Oxygen compressor adopts full oil-free lubrication vertical, two-row four-stage compression, water-cooled cylinder. This product does not need to add lubricating oil, not only to ensure the safety of the use of the equipment, and no pollution to the compressed medium.

    The oxygen booster compressor should be installed indoors or in an awning space, which should ensure sufficient maintenance space and good ventilation. The arrangement of external piping system can be designed by yourself according to the usage requirements.


    i. For Cylinder Filling
    ii. Capacity: 1-300Nm3/h
    iii. Inlet pressure: 0.3-0.4Mpa
    iv. Discharge pressure: 15/20Mpa
    v. Power: 1.5-90kw
    vi. The compressor inlet is equipped with a Y-filter; The compressor adopts packing seal.
    vii. The maximum average speed of the piston is 0.5 m/s, and the crankshaft speed is 190 r/min.
    viii.The compressor valve adopts reed valve, and the valve material is imported Swedish steel strip to ensure long-term stable work under the effect of alternating stress.
    ix. The main bearing of the compressor adopts high quality self-sealing type rolling bearing.

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